A Makeup Artist's Sephora Sale Picks

If you like beauty and enjoy snagging prestige makeup products that usually cost a pretty penny for a discounted price, you have probably heard of the Sephora Sale. The Sephora Sale comes around once a year, usually around November 1st - just in time for Christmas shopping!

This year, the Sephora Sale starts October 30, 2020. Now, one thing needs to be addressed regarding the start of the sale. When you can shop the sale is determined by the "status" of your Sephora account.

Sephora has three status levels: Rouge (spend $1000 to obtain), VIB (spend $350 to obtain), and Insider (free to join). Each level has a different start date to shopping the sale, as well as a different discount. Rouge members can start shopping the sale October 30 and will receive 20% off their entire cart. VIB members can start shopping November 3 and will receive 15% off their entire order. Insiders can start shopping the sale November 5 and will receive 10% off their entire order.

Now, the question might remain: Sephora doesn't have sales often... with one coming up, what should I buy? Well this article is going to break down what I, as a makeup artist, have in my cart ready to be bought during the long awaited sale.

1. Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base Priming Moisturizer

This moisturizer that doubles as a primer is one of the best I have ever used. Why? It is extremely nourishing, plumping, and leaves the skin supple and ready to be glammed. Whenever I don't use this to moisturize and prime a clients face, I notice a clear difference on how the foundation lays. This product truly is worth every penny.

2. Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

The title of this product is a mouth-full, but it's truly a product that my kit has to have. This setting spray makes a makeup application last HOURS- perfect for brides who need to look good all day long. I like this better than the original Urban Decay All-Nighter spray because it also helps to control oily skin from getting a shiny look throughout the day. A must-have for all artists!

3. Lawless Set the Stage Hydrating Primer Serum

This product is a product for me, not my kit. Ever since switching my personal makeup bag to all certified clean products (side note: I switched to clean products to medicate my adult acne), I have used this serum. I love it because it doesn't have silicone or any other unclean ingredients, it doubles as a serum for skincare AND a primer before makeup, and because it leaves my skin so refreshed feeling. Love this stuff, love this brand. Good one on you, Annie Lawless, for this line! This is a repurchase that I will keep repurchasing for sure.

4. Viseart Eyeshadow Palette in color: 01 Neutral Matte

I've been on the hunt for a nice, matte, neutral shade palette. Viseart makes great palettes that are staples for every makeup artist kit. This one in specific was recommended by Cherisa MUA @cherisa.mua whom I adore the work of. Excited to add this palette to my kit- it seems to be perfect for brides.

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer

This bronzer is a repurchase for my kit, but in a different shade. I have the shade Diffused Bronze Light and LOVE it, but I need one for darker complexions (I am snagging Radiant Bronze Light during the sale). The formula of this bronzer is SO smooth, not patchy, and seamless to blend.

6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Another hourglass product- surprise surprise! I love the brand, and every product it launches so it doesn't come to me with great shock that I have a lot of these products on my list. This palette in particular I am so excited about as it is raved about by all whom have it. I currently have a single from the palette and love it for applying to the whole face after a makeup application to give life to the skin. I already know this palette is going to be a staple in my kit.

7. Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette in Rose Gold

Y'ALL. I cannot rave about the original backstage glow palette enough, so of course, I need to buy the limited edition Rose Gold version. The original palette is my go-to for inner corner highlights, cheekbone highlights, brow bone highlights, cupid's bow highlights- YOU NAME IT! This rose gold is going to be perfect for brides to add a subtle pink undertone to highlighting. This is the product I think I am most excited about.

8. Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan

This bronzer has been a fan favorite for makeup artists globally for quite some time now. I noticed when adding it to my cart that it is actually on sale already, before the Sephora sale... double sale whammy! This bronzer kind of reminds me of the Chanel Les Beiges bronzers so if you like those, snag this!

Other than the above products, I have several items on my list for restocks. Restocks on things like: Too Faced Born This Way Concealers (I use these on every clients to conceal/cream contour), Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brow Pens (my favorite brow pencil I use on every client), and Makeup Forever Artist Color Pencils (my favorite lip liners ever).

I hope you enjoyed my breakdown of the Sephora Sale and what I have in my cart! Please like this blog post and share! Xoxo- Baylie

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