Beauty Regimens for Soon-to-be-Brides

You're engaged!!! Now what? How do you get your skin ready for your big day? As a makeup artist, I get this question a lot. As most know, good skin equals good makeup- and brides want nothing more than to look flawless on their big day! So HOW do you acquire great skin for the perfect canvas for your makeup artist to work their magic on your wedding day? Allow me to break it down for you.

As soon as you get engaged you should start your beauty regimen. No regimen will affect your skin overnight- good things take time! So as soon as he pops the question, start thinking about how you are going to spoil your skin. To start, here are some basics to get a regimen going:

1. Always always ALWAYS wash your face before bed AND when you wake up. Sweat can clog your pores while you are asleep so cleansing when you wake up is just as important as before your head hits the pillow. *No matter if you have makeup on that day, or not, oil buildup throughout the day can clog your pores while you sleep so be sure to wash before bed even if you have not worn makeup that day. Side note: never sleep with makeup on- this is one of the worst things you could possibly do! If you are looking for a good ‘cop out’ to washing your face in the morning, try using Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton round. I find that when I am lazy and don’t feel like washing but know I should, I use this to cleanse instead. It is easy and still does the job. Washing your face with a good cleanser will always be best, but this is a good alternative.

2. After cleansing, do not skip moisturizer! Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer is a must. It is a common misconception that if you have oily skin, you can skip moisturizer. This is simply not true. Oily skin is actually caused by lack of moisture- weird right?! Most girls gawk when I tell them that moisturizing is key to fighting your oily skin. The reason: when your skip is lacking moisture, is produces extra oil to suffice for the deficiency. A good moisturizer I have been loving for after my morning cleanse is Lawless Set the Stage Hydrating primer. Why I love it: it is CLEAN, meaning it has no unnecessary ingredients such as silicone, sulfates, and parabens. What it does have is rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn oil and other nutrient packed ingredients so it is good for your skin! Another reason I love it is because it is actually a serum which quenches the skin, but is not too heavy (this is totally preference, I just like a lighter moisturizer). A third reason I sing it's praises is because it is also a primer! I love products that can double as two steps, a primer for makeup and a moisturizer after cleansing.

3. Drink lots of water! Shoot for a gallon a day! I am sure you have been told this before, so I won't bore you, but staying hydrated is crucial to having soft, plump skin.

4. Exfoliate. Be sure to use some sort of facial peel or scrub to remove dead skin or dry patches at least once or twice a week every week. Do not forget to do this the week of your wedding! Dead skin and dry patches make for patchy, cakey-looking makeup. Remember: makeup can only look as good as the skin underneath it. Now, if you are unsure to what a good exfoliator/peel to start with would be, I would try the O.R.G Skincare Organic Mineral Peel Face. I usually order it on Amazon as it is not in most stores. It is truly LIFE CHANGING. I mean it. When you use it, you will literally feel little bits of skin coming off your face…SO satisfying. Also, I love it because it is not abrasive at all- you don't feel like you are rubbing rocks on your face like some scrubs.

Now for procedures. If you are looking for a procedure to up your skin game here is a list that I feel is ACTUALLY worth the money, especially before the biggest, most-photographed day of your life!

1. Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a spa service where the esthetician will carefully scrap your face with a scalpel to remove peach fuzz, and dead skin. It will leave your skin glowing and vibrant. A couple notes on this:

· Be sure to go to an esthetician who is certified in dermaplaning! Only experts should do this procedure.

· Book this procedure at least 3-4 before your wedding so your skin has time to fully heal before your big day. Most people do not experience redness with this procedure, but if you have sensitive skin, you might. So just to be safe, give your skin a buffer between this procedure and your wedding day.

2. Spray tan. Getting a spray tan a day or two before your wedding is something I always recommend my brides do, as it evens out your skin tone from your face, to your neck, to your body. It is very common that your neck may be a bit more pale than your face or your body (due to less sun exposure), which makes for an uneven canvas and a hard decision for the makeup artist- to match the face foundation to the neck or to match the body? Getting a spray tan helps this dilemma greatly! Plus, more often than not, brides will ask to be "bronzey" for their big day, but without a spray tan, this can be hard for the makeup artist to make look natural when the base is pale. Now, I am not saying that you should get the deepest, darkest spray tan of your life, I am simply saying getting a natural looking spray tan can even out your complexion beautifully.

3. Brow tweeze/wax. Getting your brows tweezed or waxed by a professional a couple days before your wedding is always a recommendation of mine for brides. Why? Crazy bushy brows that lack shape can be hard to work with and may need to be tweezed by your makeup artist the day of your wedding which MAY cause redness. Getting your brows tweezed or waxed a few days before your wedding gives the skin around your brows time to heal before your wedding day. I personally got mine tweezed, trimmed, and tinted a few days before my wedding day so that they were the shape I want, the color I want, and were easy to work with on the day of my wedding. Note: I get mine tweezed because I have sensitive skin and waxing irritates my skin. Having groomed brows for your makeup artist is something a makeup artist will ALWAYS appreciate!

I hope this helps you determine how to indulge your skin before your big day, and I hope you have the most magical wedding day ever! Congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming wedding!

XOXO- Baylie

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